Monday, July 15, 2013

Interior decorating with felt
The rug I knittet with roving. It shrunk more than I planned, about 50%. Next time I will felt it by hand instead of tumbling in dryer . It feels amazing under foot, and my son loves it by his bed.

I have posted other pictures of this felted raw fleece seat cover. It just looks so contemporary and cool with this pillow from By Nord- so here it is again..

I am the kind that buys a huge canvas, planning to create my own art work.. I rally like this felted blanket draped over it. I think I am going to felt something similar for the canvas..

 I eco-printed this previously shown felt ( with that fleece that looks a little too much like grey hair..)
  The prints are not as clear as I wanted, probably from the bulk of the felted fleece and textures,  so I draped it around a pillow.  I kind of like the earthy look.

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