About Feltunik

Feltunik is an online journal of my love of felt. I enjoy sharing online as much as I enjoy watching other felters work and ideas. I know no one around the area I live that share this passion, but have found many new friends around the world. I am putting my work out there because it is my arena of meeting similar minded people.

Once I discovered nuno felt I realized it allows me to incorporate so many things I learned along the way, as I always explored different art techniques as a mean to create and express myself. I kept moving on until I found this- as I am enjoying the amazing possibilities.

I have taken classes with many well known artists including Vilte Kazlauskaite, Irit Dulman and Sherit Van Der Meer, and I am greatful to them all for sharing and teaching. I have learned a lot from studying others work through online images and books. I am amazed of the many different ways you can approach felt, and by learning different ways and deciding what effect you want, you will find what works for you.

I like to see my designs as I work. I love a fabric dominated texture and like to felt it to a point where  it is strong but not over-felted, but allowing me to felt using denser materials. I have changed the way I do things several times. I now feel more confident in the process and the quality, but it did take a lot of time and mistakes along the way. Taking classes is great to get a good start, but I think most of us still will go through a process to get increasing control and find your own way with felt.

At this time I am hooked on recycling. I find great pleasure in turning drab second hand fabrics and clothing into new and complex surfaces and save any little piece as it could be used in a collage with other fabrics.. Gibbous Fashion is a great inspiration.


  1. Do you sell your tunics? If so, I am interested. My email address is Poised_lady@yahoo.com.

  2. I am an artist who does my own thing on furniture, in ceramics, with clothing, knitting, room design or anything I set my dreams on. I just saw your incredible works and have no idea in the world how you even begin to create these things. I thought felting was washing wool. This is obviously different. Without shooting your wad, can you give me the smallest idea as to what in the world you are doing? I'd really appreciate it. You've got me really inspired and I feel I have no outlet! Thanks, Karen bonic@hotmail.com